Engineered Solutions

Engineered Solutions are a combination of hardware and /or software to solve a problem.

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4 Camera Document Matching

Our document matching solution makes sure the documents that are put together are the right ones. If a mismatch is found, the machine is stopped and the system lets you know what and where the wrong document is located. Our system interfaces with the cam to provide an accurate trigger on a new cycle. Our reject output is directly tied to the emergency stop bar on the machine.
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Attendance Tracking Software Solutions

Our Trade Show and Conference attendance solution allows the show’s host to be able to keep track of attendees by room and their purchases. It allows for multiple gate keepers to collect data in a batch environment and synchronize back to one PC database.
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Bar Code Control Box

Stand alone bar code control box for many bar codes applications
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Barcode Verification Kits

Verification is the measurement of the quality of a 1D barcode or 2D symbol according to an agreed-upon quality standard. Microscan’s Barcode Verification Kits include cameras, software, and precision illumination specifically designed for verifying a variety of 1D/2D codes and direct part marks (DPM) to ISO and AIM requirements. Kits include a variety of capabilities for inline or offline barcode grading in the most common verification applications.
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Die Cutter or Sheet Feeder Bar Code Matching Solution

This system interfaces into Bobst and other die cut or sheet feeding machines. It gets a trigger signal from the machine when a sheet is present and reads and matches the bar code on the sheet to the trained master bar code. This ensures that there are not mixed sheets in the stack or that the wrong sheets were loaded. A green LED flashes for a match and a good read.
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High Speed Inline Verification

This inline verification solution allows you to 100% grade your bar codes in a very high speed environment to the ANSI ISO 15416 standard.
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Ink Jet Inspection

This solution uses a camera, a strobe light, and an i/o module to take a trigger signal when the carton crosses the sensor. The camera takes a picture, checks the bar code to make sure it is correct, and then measures the distance in pixels from the top of the code to the bottom of the human readable.
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Software offers I-PAK interface and functionality for up to four Vision HAWK Smart Cameras
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