A revolutionary new product, the ID-40 is the smallest IP65 true-industrial Ethernet barcode reader. With best-in-class decode technology for 1D/2D or directly-marked (DPM) codes in a rugged ultra-compact case, the ID-40 is the complete package for solving any barcode application challenge, under any conditions.
Manufacturer: Microscan Systems

Ultra-compact (44.5 mm x 44.5 mm x 25.4 mm)
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High-speed Ethernet or
serial communication
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X-Mode 4.0 advanced
decoding algorithms
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Integrated targeting and read/pass indicators
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Red and white high-output LED illumination options
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WebLink browser-based setup interface

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Standard: High-contrast 1D
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Plus: High-contrast 1D/2D
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X-Mode: All 1D/2D,
including low-contrast,
damaged or poorly-printed; Direct Part Marks (DPM)

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Inner: 8 LEDs are
standard on all ID-40s
(4 red and 4 white)
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Outer: 8 additional LEDs are optional; available in red or white