Microscan Systems

Microscan is a global leader in technology for precision data acquisition and control solutions serving a wide range of automation and OEM applications

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The world’s smallest full-featured and fully-integrated smart camera, MV-20 offers OEMs and engineers a perfect set of value and performance options in a tiny, simple, enclosed solution for embedded designs for traceability and inspection. MV-20 offers a single-cable solution that uses USB for both communication (USB 2.0 High Speed and Ethernet over USB) and power to enable plug-and-play integration. Mini is now micro and incredibly easy to use. • IP40 • USB 2.0 High Speed • Ethernet over USB • 24 x 34 x 39 mm
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MV-30: Miniature Serial/USB Smart Camera A micro-sized smart camera with huge potential, the MV-30 furthers Microscan’s 30+ year legacy of innovative, space-efficient, miniature design with a corner-exit cable and high-density 15-pin connector (offering serial, USB 2.0 High Speed, and Ethernet over USB capabilities) as well as optional liquid lens autofocus. Perfect for OEMs and machine builders, the MV-30 offers the perfect combination of size, performance, and flexible integration. • IP54 • Serial RS-232 • USB 2.0 • Ethernet over USB • Autofocus • Corner-exit cable
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MV–40: Industrial Ethernet Smart Camera The MV-40 redefines the imaging market as the smallest IP65/67-rated, true-industrial Ethernet smart camera. With the library of Microscan's machine vision tools on board in a rugged, ultra-compact case, the MV-40 is the complete package for solving any vision inspection challenge under any condition. Combining unprecedented ease-of-use, high-speed communication, optional liquid lens autofocus, and ultra-small form factor, the MV-40 sets the benchmark as the ultimate compact machine vision system in the industry. • IP65/67 • EtherNet/IP™ • Ethernet TCP/IP • PROFINET® • Autofocus • PoE
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HS-21 Handheld Barcode Reader 2D handheld barcode reader for decoding both linear barcodes and 2D symbols.
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Decoding capabilities include high density linear and 2D symbols, including simple direct part marks.
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Wireless handheld barcode reader for decoding both linear barcodes and 2D symbols.
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Wireless handheld reader decodes both linear barcodes and 2D symbols, including DPM.
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ID-20 offers OEMs and machine builders the world’s smallest complete and fully-capable integrated imager. Ultra-compact, high-performance and flexible, the ID-20 is ready to plug directly into any OEM system
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